Monday, November 19, 2012


quality local music is something that the northwest has no lack of. when it comes together in the most unexpected way, it is magic. i stumbled upon this video while late night web surfing. wish i would have been here to see this first-hand. 



"rainbow trees, chunky cable knit sweaters, messy hair covered up with slouchy beanies, fresh ganja, bonfires, hot cider with wiskey, new beginings, finding your crush, cozying up + kicking the leaves.
Fall is happening whether you like it or not... better we just go with it."

those are the words that come to mind when dwelling on fall and the impending winter. those are the words from the creative minds at sugarhigh + lovestoned. these two babes at SH + LS headquarters are always keeping me on my toes and pushing me to do more. to take more risks. when they aren't working on their clothing line or filling up cyberspace with gorgeous images and inspiresyou might find them camped out by the beach, hunting the next perfect wave, or howling at the full moon. if you haven't checked out their blog + website then you are missing the bigger picture. a bigger picture that includes the latest collaboration with yours truly, the cedra sessions, for a new playlist inspired by the full hunter's moon and autumns crisp air. see the full post: HERE. and don't miss their new collection, debuting soon. it is sure not to disappoint.

1. Fall // Devendra Banhart
2. On Tour // Kurt Vile
3. Take Us Alive // Other Lives
4. Trees + Flowers // Dum Dum Girls
5. Meet Me by the Backdoor // Charlie Mars
6. Among the Leaves // Sun Kill Moon
7. This Old Routine // First Aid Kit
8. The Yellow Ones // Pinback
9. 50's // House of Wolves
10. Port of Call // Beirut
11. Yet Again // Grizzly Bear
12. Hell of a Season // The Black Keys
13. Blue Sky // Jill Andrews
14. Change in the Weather // The Concretes
15. I Know Where the Summer Goes // Belle and Sebastian
16. Ambitions + War // JBM
17. 20 Years // The Civil Wars
18. So Far From Your Weapon // The Dead Weather
19. Every Man Needs A Companion // Father John Misty
20. Twice the Size of Normal Moths // Javelina