"it occurred to me by intuition, and music was the driving force behind that intuition. my discovery was the result of musical perception." ////albert einstein, on his theory of relativity////

the long + short of it
this is the start of something beautiful and all things beautiful to me. this will serve as a means of expression. all that inspires. the things that go unnoticed. the music that digs its claws in and won’t let go. it’s life and all its glorious details (the ones that i notice anyway). 

'the cedra sessions' are first and foremost a direct link to the playlists and music that inspire me on my radio show of the same name. after many requests for written playlists from the show i am finally making it happen. but why stop there? music permeates all things and 'the cedra sessions' will be a collection of such.

i hope you enjoy,

>>-------> cedra xx

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images on this blog are often found in passing, from tumblr sites, google image searches, or floating about the internet world. if you see an image on my blog that is yours or copyrighted, please let me know so i can either credit you or remove. i always want to credit where credit is due.


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