Saturday, May 26, 2012


i've just spent the last hour getting completely lost in my friend chloe's blog "born to be wild". i love her eye for beauty + her free-spirited wanderlust. i have to share one of her most recent posts honoring the tambourine shaking beauty, miss stevie nicks.



Listening to Wild Heart on repeat + wishing my favorite gypsy rockstar a very happy birthday today   Cheers to the mystic mama behind the velvet fringe kimono, top hat + tambourine with the husky ethereal voice that makes us weak in the knees. Your voice has guided me through the brightest + darkest of days. Thank you for the constant + timeless inspiration 
rock on Stevie

 ///to go to 'born to be wild' and see all the beauty + magic for yourself click >>> here <<< ///

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