Wednesday, October 10, 2012


yeah, so...i'm late to "the gossip" party. i mean how did i not know who this band was until now? they make me move my feet. i'm dancing in my chair. right now. while i'm listening to lead singer, beth ditto, belt out the chorus. she is a diva. genuine talent. 'gossip' formed out of olympia, washington back in 1999. fronted by a curvaceous ditto and bolstered by guitarist brace paine and dummer hannah billie. they have toured with the likes of 'the white stripes' + 'sleater-kinney' and have made quite a name for themselves in the UK and the US. this trio is soulful + rocking. they just released their new album ,joyful noise, in may of this year. since i'm just discovering this powerhouse i'm going old school and playing and replaying this track. check it out. i dare you to sit still.

photo credit: one + two || holly falconer via the most cake; three || tumblr; four || via we like indie; five || via the radio beacon 

see more about the band, get tour dates, buy the new album, and get the gossip on 'gossip' 
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