Wednesday, December 5, 2012


for me this time of year is less about the religious meaning and more about the overall feeling of love that envelops me when i think of friends and family. this year is very different. while i've spent many winters waltzing through our tropical backyard on christmas morning, passed our koi pond with coffee in hand, and staring at palm trees while unwrapping gifts, most of my life experience with the holidays was molded in winters cold embrace. snow capped mountains, ice skating on the local pond, skiing, and sipping hot cocoa by the fire. this year i've traded snowflakes for raindrops, but the nostalgia is still the same. it boosts me, makes me smile, a smile that starts on the inside and works its way outwards.
as a child, each year brought a new type of christmas. some years we would fore-go the traditional christmas tree and decorate the large ficus tree by the window instead. other years we would save the scrappy 'charlie brown' tree from the back of the lot and give it some meaning before it was returned to the earth. while each year was different in terms of celebration and decor, one tradition remained the same: dinner was always grandma cedra's famous lasagna. never ham. never turkey. always the most amazing deep pan lasagna. and every year she would follow up the first bite with the same sentiment, "aww it's alright. it was better on the east coast". this is the first christmas without her. perhaps i will dig out the handwritten recipe and give it a try. in her honor, knowing that it will never be as good as she made it.
this playlist is inspired by the love i have for this season, but my general distaste for most holiday related music. start the fireplace, grab your cider, gather your friends and family, and decorate the tree. just press play. 

oh >>----> and 'happy holidays'. love, cedra xo

❄ senor santa ||| y la bamba
❄ star of wonder ||| sufjan stevens
what are you doing new year's ever? || the head and the heart 
❄ just like christmas ||| low
❄ come on santa ||| the raveonettes
❄ christmas wish ||| she & him
❄ christmas in the city ||| everest
❄ blue christmas ||| elvis presley
❄ winter wonderland ||| bob dylan
❄ please come home for christmas ||| willie nelson
❄ the midnight clear ||| sufjan stevens
❄ baby, it's cold outside ||| ella fitzgerald & louis jordan
      ❄ frosty the snowman ||| fiona apple
❄ a change at christmas (say it isn't so) ||| the flaming lips
❄ auld lang syne ||| jesca hoop and friends
❄ no christmas for me ||| zee avi  

CHRISTMAS IN THE CITY from thecedrasessions on 8tracks Radio.

photo credit: two//free people blog ; four//not without salt;;

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