Monday, February 18, 2013


i have been a fan of the michigan band, breathe owl breathe, for some time now. their music makes me smile. it's light and fun and  unique. so i suppose i'm not suprised that frontman, micah middaugh, is also a children's book author. his book, these train tracks, is a creation of such imagination and sweetness. i just had to post it. it comes with a 7" vinyl with accompanying tracks to the storyline. 

"we are not perfect. we are not normal. we are....EXCEPTIONAL!"

moments of the second track feature a child's innocent vocals singing the above exclamation. i just love it. 

these train tracks/the listener is the story of a mole and an ostrich, and the unique friendship that they share as they form a rock band, called "the listeners". it's canvas cover and blockprint illustration just add to it's charm. 

to order the book click >>HERE<<

and to listen to the tracks just click 'play' below

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