Tuesday, June 5, 2012


 ///photos:two + three-maximilla lukacs via sub pop records//with bird by cody cloud//others collected via tumblr///

father john misty {aka j. tillman from the fleet foxes} just released his album fear fun in may of this year. a drummer for fleet foxes since 2008, tillman left the band in 2011 and is now exploring things on this musical journey, solo. singer, songwriter, guitarist, drummer...not only does he do all those things, he does them very well. his voice has a timelessness about it. it's comforting, like an old friend. something you feel you have known for a long time but yet manages to sound fresh. for more information, mp3 downloads, tour dates, and links to articles + videos, check out sub pop records >>> here <<< 

▼▼▼ take a listen below ▼▼▼

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