Saturday, June 2, 2012


if you still have a chance to catch bon iver on tour, do not hesitate. go. i had the good fortune to find myself staring down at the elaborate stage lights at my favorite outdoor venue in colorado, red rocks amphitheater. the city lights in the distance and mother nature's grandeur surrounding me with her half waxing moon and grand sandstone peaks. it was the perfect evening. justin vernon's falsetto on an acoustic version of re:stacks was chilling. then the next moment he began singing in his low smoker's register on hinnom, tx. it had me wondering what this minnesota genius couldn't do. and now there is an album collaboration in the works with minnesota rapper astronautalis. vernon is just keeping us on our toes and i for one, am loving it. 

///photos via tumblr; vanity fair; jagjaguar///


  1. Do you live in CO?? Me too! Red Rocks is *{magical}*

    1. i do! grew up here, lived all around CO + MAUI. about to venture on, but this is always home. i'm in the roaring fork valley ----carbondale. you? thanks for checking out my blog. i love yours! you have a great eye.

    2. cool! I am in Boulder, and from the east coast, but love the roaring fork valley. what a beautiful place to live! It's nice to know we're in the same state—cyber space can seem like a big place!