Monday, September 24, 2012


as many have noticed i haven't posted on 'the cedra sessions' in a while. i have been on a hiatus since the end of august, moving my life halfway across the country. nothing like completely uprooting yourself to really shake life up. leaving small town life behind, i find myself in the hustle bustle of the city. i am full of love for life. 
this morning i sat at the coffee shop sipping a perfect latte adorned with a floral rosette and listening to the new 'grizzly bear' album. wrapped in a geometric scarf on a foggy morning...i suppose i'm a true seattle cliche. i started scouring the web, looking for photography that was inspired by city life in the pacific northwest. and what i stumbled upon was this: michael lavine.
teaming up with the words of sonic youth's front man, thurston moore, in the book "grunge",lavine's photos provide a vivid visual record of this important music and lifestyle milestone. i love the realness. the grit. the honesty. lavine is a denver born, new york city based photographer known best for his portrait work. he has photographed many influential artists over the years, but i find this selection of his portfolio especially fascinating. 

see more of michael lavine's work >>> HERE <<<

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