Wednesday, January 30, 2013


||| N E P T U N E || T H E A T R E ||| january 29, 2013 |||

the last song of the main set featured a gyrating, hip shaking, flailing j tillman (aka father john misty), commanding the stage while wrapping the microphone cord and stand around his neck and body. the stage lights flashed bright white in multiple angles and the band's sound became more vivid, cacophonous, and chaotic. i stood there with my mouth hanging open in a huge grin. what the fuck was i witnessing? it was bizarrely awesome!!! bravo FJM! BRAVO! fan for life. 

this pic was snapped by @livlemann and is the first of a new series for the cedra sessions. i'm snagging my favorite shot from shows that you all take and featuring it here. this one is a gem! nice work. if i'm not at the show with you, just add #cedrasessions to keep me in the loop!

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