Monday, January 21, 2013

||| S E A W O L F |||

sea wolf + neil krug

god neil are a freakin' genius. i could get lost for days in your photographs + visions. luckily it is the perfect day for just that. a thick fog has been resting on the city for days now, obscuring the city lights and skyline. only a small break yesterday for an afternoon of sunshine and then the fog returned. at night it creeps down to the city streets, crawling through the alley ways. it's as romantic as it is chilling. perfect opportunity to get back to this blog world. 

you can now catch a weekly blog post every thursday from yours truly for sugarhigh + lovestoned. i've always admired these sexy ladies for their boldness and creative vision. so flattered that they have asked me to be a guest blogger for them. you can catch it >> H E R E <<

and to get lost in the land neil krug built go >>H E R E<<

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